Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where did I go??

I didn't realize it has been so long since I last wrote. So much has changed and some stuff always stays the same.

Life has been good, other than the three weeks we were snowed in and my computer crashing. Lots of knitting happened during that time. I managed to reacquaint myself with my love for knitting socks. They're something hypnotic about watching your needles go round and round on your dpn's(double pointed needles). I get lost very easily in the rhythm and captivating movement. Before I know it I'm on to the heel and then the toes.

I know quite a few people who get frustrated working with dpn's and trying to coordinate four+ needles, but I find it quite soothing. Once I get a good pace going it becomes very tranquil and relaxing. My mind clears as I watch the circle grow. I'm able to tune out everything around me. I've never been able to learn breathing techniques for relaxation or mediation, but put a ball of yarn and some dpn's in my hands and I slip right into a meditative state. No other form of knitting does this quite like sock knitting for me.

Maybe it's the repetitions of going round and round. Maybe it's the fact that I start off with just a ball of yarn and within a couple of hours I've got a good portion of something simple yet beautiful finished. It could be the whole creating something out of nothing concept. It's most likely all three.

I've made a promise to myself to pick up more sock yarn and dpn's so that I can always have a pair ready to be started or finished. That way I always have some sort of meditation helper on hand.